Few months back I thought to myself that this is it. Writing, ideas, poetry will not come to me anymore. I was struggling through finding answers for numerous questions in my mind about purpose of life, people’s behavior, attitudes etc. This was just a small list of uncertainties, mysteries and riddles that I was struggling through constantly. How did this positive transformation appear in me is yet I am still unsure about? Change was a small word in this situation, I was ready to seek mental transformation and so it did happen. In this process, I took a break from writing, posting stuff on Twitter and Instagram. Why? The answer was simple; I couldn’t get myself to enjoy what I was doing. Ideas got blocked and I didn’t know how to unblock my energies. In this struggle, one day I was aimlessly browsing You Tube videos and came across inspirational videos from Sadhguru which caught my attention deeply. One after the other I was hooked on watching his videos on purpose of life, meditation, stop caring about other people thoughts about you, organizing your mind and the list goes on and on. I was listening to his videos in each and every free minute I was getting. My curiosity peaked when one night I slept with ear phones still on and this video played with a soft female voice talking about emotional health and dealing with people’s behavior. It was late at night and I was half asleep when her words drifted me back in deeper sleep. In the morning, I couldn’t remember who she was but I only remembered her message that my mind absorbed like a sponge. To satisfy my curiosity I started to google any information I can find about the message I listened. I had a faded image of the video on my phone and I only remembered a girl in white sari. I even googled “girl in white sari”. Finally, I somehow managed to pull her name and found her You Tube Channel. Her name was BK Shivani short for Brahma Kumari Shivani. Well the next few months I spent her videos on You Tube and one day my friend complimented me that she noticed a huge transformation in me both on physiological and mental level. In this journey of self-transformation, I also embraced my spiritual habits and worked on to strengthen them each day. Along with Sadhguru and BK Shivani, I got better understanding of life, religion, spirituality by listening to Mufti Menk’s lectures on You Tube who is an Islamic Scholar from South Africa. I took great comfort in his words and found guidance to tackle my own problems. My journey of self-transformation has just begun. I must say that it was not an overnight process. It got accompanied with other factors of eating healthy, maintaining a healthy life style, balancing work and personal life, learning art of communication, giving back to the community in terms of doing volunteer work and giving charity. Today I felt like that the words are trapped inside me and they are now ready to come out. I am proud of myself in many ways and this is to say that I am still in the process of learning but I am now ready to empower others. At the bottom of this post I will include the names and Wikipedia articles of the three inspirational human beings that helped me greatly for those who are also seeking for answers in their day to day lives.

Mufti Menk


BK Shivani




N. Reflection



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