Updated: Rape of a 12 year old Rohingya girl

This morning and from last few days the news of a 12 year old girl getting raped in her house by Bangladesh soldier has brought great grief and anger to me.

In today’s modern times where we are fighting challenges around climate change and finding ways to end hunger, a 12 year old girl gets brutally raped in her camp by soldiers who took an oath to protect the weak, and the innocents.

Rape is a weapon of war, a heinous crime against humanity. Rohingya Refugees have suffered enough in the hands of Myanmar army where they used rape as a weapon against young girls, and women. Justice is still pending for those victims and their families yet they once again faces violence in the hands of those who provided them shelter in their country and gained World’s respect in protecting and safeguarding refugees.

In my today’s blog post I am attaching images taken from Tasneem Khalil’s Twitter thread describing this horrible incident that took place on September 30th, 2019. Tasneem Khalil (@tasneem) is an editor, publisher, and journalist. He is also an author of a book called Jallad: Death Squads and State Terror in South Asia.

I am writing today to world’s organization that have been established to serve humanity to come together as one and demand justice for this little girl from Bangladesh Government who got raped by Bangladesh army at the Nayapara refugee camp in Teknaf.

Please refer to the twitter thread below from Tasneem Khalil describing the brutality of this incident that took place on September 30th, 2019 in a Bangladesh Refugee Camp. We all have power within ourselves to fight the evil and raise voice against non-humanitarian acts from any part of the world. We owe this to ourselves and to our future generation.

I would highly urge everyone who is reading his blog post today, to fill out the petition from Amnesty International and stand with Rohingya women in Bangladesh refugees camp who have been the victim of rape.

#amnestyOz petition calling for justice and support for #Rohingya women who have experienced sexual violence at the hands of the #Myanmar military.


Update November 11th, 2019: Bangladesh army has filed the case and inquiry has been launched.


Twitter thread details:

#Rohingya #Rape #Crime #Bangladesh #amnesty

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