A purple handbag

Draft version of my first poetry book

“A purple handbag” is now completed.

Stay tune for the final book coming soon.

Thank you to all my fellow bloggers for their continuous support,  encouragement and appreciation.

Noor Reflection


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Sometimes I think
of making love
to you,
in a way that there is no tomorrow.

To hold you in my arms,
and to kiss you with all my heart
and no sorrows.

Gently and profoundly to explore every mark on your body.
Touch you and embrace you
like stars hold the night.

Feel your breath,
and mine wrapped around swiftly
in one heartbeat.

I then wish for the time to stay still,
so I can make love to you again
with all that still exist.

Noor Reflection



Children of the world
are like stars on earth.
With twinkle in their eyes
and light in their heart.
Their soul full of purity and hope.
Each is unique in its creation.
They are the symbol of life,
A gift from divine.
With love and nurture,
They shine and thrive.
Thus spreading their light,
And holding themselves up high.

Noor Reflection

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