I asked for help
He gave me strength to help others
I asked for guidance
He gave me prayers to light my path
I asked for peace
He gave me His words to find answers
I asked for justice
He gave me patience to place my trust in Him
I asked for happiness
He gave me a heart to be able to forgive others.
Written by: Noor Reflection

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Gifts for Rohingya Refugees

This is my second blog post that I wanted to do to once again create awareness around this humanitarian project. We all can play our part of spreading the word about Testimony Tailors by re-blogging this blog post, so Testimony Tailors can get maximum exposure on social media. Even one donation towards the gift item will help them tremendously. Change does not happen overnight. It is a constant process and a struggle. Most of us have the gift of writing. Today we can show the world the power of pen and contribute towards greater good. I would strongly encourage and request my followers, fellow bloggers to please re-blog this appeal on their websites for even a day to create awareness. I would request my readers to share this post on their Facebook to bring attention towards the most persecuted people of the world.

Links for Testimony Tailors:


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Support Sierra Leone Medical Mission

MedGlobal is travelling to Sierra Leone this November 2018 to deliever free healthcare in hospitals and community clinics. Click on the following link to donate directly to support this great cause:


Please do share this post and link with family and friends to raise awareness around this great humanitarian work. 

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You held my hand when my heart trembled

You lifted my soul when I lost meaning in my life

You guided me when I could not find my way

You held me in your arms when I cried

You cheered me up when I forgot how to smile

You encouraged me to fight when I lost hope

You loved me when I forgot how to love myself

Without you there would not have been me.

Noor Reflection

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