In the silence of night,
She admired the beauty
of stars and moon,
Only to discover,
That they too hide scars on them.

Noor Reflection


A line

This poem is dedicated to the events of 1947 when Pakistan and India were formed. 

They drew a line on the map of the world,

In a split second two countries emerged,

Same people but in different directions, 

Lives changed in a blink of an eye, 

It all happened with one line,

One line it is and that all it entailed, 

Who knew how everything got invade,

History left it’s brutal mark,

And it happened to all,

No one ever realized that,

A line cannot be drawn in a heart.

N. Reflection


In a soft, dim candle light,
Her skin glowed like twinkling stars,
With sparkles in her eyes,
and firmness in her touch,
She loved him with all her heart.
Fearless, powerful and with all her passion,
She held herself close to him,
Emerged herself in the rhythm of his love,
and cherished him all night with all she got.

N. Reflection