Road of life

Life is like a long, stretched out road,

Bumpy at times yet smooth otherwise,

No one can predict what is around the corner,

Nor they can tell when the road ends.

The direction is one but journeys many,

Each has its own sail to carry.

Keep moving, progressing forward,

With eyes on the horizon and hope in heart,

The quest is adventurous yet peaceful at times,

Rest assure that destination will soon arrive.


N. Reflection

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She hid her tears in her soul,
buried them deep in her heart,
they were precious to her,
like pearls hidden in shells.

When pain became unbearable,
she rolled them out from her eyes,
and stood still as this happened,
for she knew her tears didn’t get wasted.

Time went by as she passed from there again.
to her surprise found a small tree growing,
from where she once sat with tears,
that were fallen on the ground.

N. Reflection

Organizing a party at home made easy.

Determine a date and time of the party.
Choose a time and date that is convenient for yourself and for your hosts too. If the party is on the weekend, make sure to choose a time that suits parents of young children going to school next day. 
3 – 4 days before the party make sure the house is clean. Pay special attention to the house entrance. Remove any clutter that blocks the hall ways or the door way. If there is a coat closet, make sure to remove all unnecessary coats day before the party to another closet to make room for guest’s coats. Same idea goes for any shoes in the closet. 

Unfulfilled wishes

In memory of all the victims of terrorist attacks around the world.
Beautiful faces, innocent hearts,
Eyes full of hopes and dreams,
Precious lives destroyed unjustly,
with cruel intentions and actions,
Blood spilled mercilessly,
and fear instilled for wrong reasons,
The whole universe cried,
at each soul that departed with unfulfilled wishes,
being the victims of hate,
Which is an ultimate crime,
That nature never allowed and created.

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