Many of you who will read this post will wonder what took me to name my post “delete” as opposed to any other name? It is a legitimate question. A very usual activity inspired me to name the post as “delete”. I had a different title for just few seconds but I deleted that title to have this title “delete”.

Delete is a very commonly used terms in the technology world but believe it or not some aspects of this word have a unique connection with our mind, sub conscious mind and with our memories. I am not going to write on the working of the brain or how the information is processed or how memories are stored as this is not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this post is to draw your attention to the word “delete” .

For last few days I have been deleting emails, documents from my inbox. I have been reviewing old folders that we all create in our inbox and then we further create subfolders inside those folders and we keep piling emails and documents in those folders. Some are very important, some are required, some have to be made reference to at a later date, some are informative but some are just those emails or documents that served their purpose but we tend to hang on to them “in case” if we have to revisit them in the future. All of these intentions and practices are correct. However, there are those emails and documents that we keep long after when we don’t require them or I must narrow down to the ones that have painful memories associated with them. These are the ones are the ones that have to be “deleted” in order for us to “move on” .

I once saw a childish act in a movie, but it actually served a deeper purpose of helping an individual to let go and helped them to feel better. It was the act of writing a name of their EX on a piece of paper and burning the paper out and flushing the ashes away. “Flushing” the paper away brought a mysterious kind of relief. It served as a closure and made them feel relieved in some ways to help them to move on.

Similar to this activity moving on to my new job I decided to clear away and delete not only those unwanted emails and documents but especially those notes, documents and emails that have a potential of opening old yet painful memories. Once I decided to “delete” them a mysterious feeling surrounded me. A feeling of freedom. A feeling of being light and a desire to move on and to dream again.

Written by Noor Reflection