Book Review: Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting
By Natalie Babbitt
Number of pages: 139
Genre: Children’s fantasy novel, drama
Publication date: 1975

I spotted this novel one day , and instantly requested the owner to allow me to read it first. What made me so impatient to read a book that I won’t wait for my turn to get it? Simple answer, the title “Tuck Everlasting” caught my attention and sparked enthusiasm for me to read it.

The novel revolves around a very interesting story of a family and an eternal life.
Natalie Babbitt, did a beautiful job capturing the emotions of all characters along with vivid and rich imagery with light touch of humour throughout the book.

The story starts off with an adventure of a ten year old girl Winnie Foster who is tired of her family daily routine and decides to run away from her home town called Treegap. In her quest to run away she meets a seventeen year old boy Jesse along side of a pond and from there the author takes over with an interesting story about the family of Tucks and a mystery behind the spring water. Complications arises when a stranger follows Winnie Foster and find out the secret behind the spring water.

The story not only revolves around eternal life but beautifully captures the sincerity and purity of various human emotions and a special bond of friendship while leaving a reader with a question to think about towards the end of the story about immortality.

I will definitely recommend this book and give it a five star.

Review completed by N. Reflection


Ideas for loot bags or party favors

Have you every found yourself wondering or browsing the web for loot bag ideas for kid’s party or play dates? Below I have compiled a list of easy yet effective loot bag suggestions liked by parents and kids of age between 4 and 12.

  1. Colorful pencil cases with stationary, sticker chart, scented highlighters, pencil crayons.
  2. Set of Coloring and drawing books with pencil crayons.
  3. Individual colored play dough tubs with modeling accessories.
  4. Single or double pack of hot wheel cars. (suitable for young boys)
  5. School friendly water bottles with healthy snack bar in each bottle.
  6. Individually wrapped beach buckets with water guns.

These are some of my personal loot bag or party favor ideas suitable for both the genders, cost effective and easy to find in your local dollar store. Please feel free to share some of your ides and suggestions in the comment box below.

Happy loot bagging.


N. Reflection




Shopping and budget.

How to shop during a holiday season without hurting your bank account?

With holiday’s season around the corner, one word that comes more often in our mind is “shopping” .

While it is very exciting to see all the deals posted on many retailers and companies website and as fancy banners on mall’s doors. One can easily get caught in a shopping cycle without even realizing and thus hurting or over going their savings or holiday’s budget. .

Below I have listed few important tips to consider during a holiday’s shopping season.

1. Make a list of all the possible items that you need.

2. Prioritize the list from the most wanted to least important.

3. Assign an approximately dollar value to each and every item on your list. Set aside that amount in your bank account and keep a running total of amount remaining every time you buy an item from that list.

4. Make sure to check out the deals , saving coupons, Groupon for best price and if possible subscribe to the retailers email to keep track of special events or online offers.

5. Make sure to check the return policy of stores of each item you buy and keep the receipts in safe place for hassle free returns or store credit if you do decide to return the merchandise.

6. Make sure to check with your credit card company the limit on your card and if possible authorize them to put a limit on your account. This is one of the ways of not getting carried away on impulse shopping.

7. Last but not least be aware of your budget and financial situation and buy items that are absolutely necessary thus giving yourself room to be treated with that special watch or perfume that you have been always waiting for.

These are few of the tips that I have compiled based on my personal shopping experience and budget planning. Hope this helps and Happy Shopping!!!!!