Book Review – Emotionally strong and have thick skin. By Nicolla Trilliby

The book “How to be emotionally strong and have thick skin” written by Nicolla Trilliby is  about 38 pages long that took me as around 30 – 45 minutes to read. I first thought to myself that what will this 5 chapter book deliver that will be effective but can also be practically applied in day-to-day life. To my surprise, this short book offered lot more than that I anticipated. To be accurate, this books offers strong reminders in a very firm tone required to develop emotional strength and deliver ideas of developing a thick skin.  It also highlights pros and cons of each skin type in a short, simple manner.

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Mother nature

In the memory of all the victims who have
died in various mother nature’s catastrophes.

At times we fight with ourselves,
Sometimes we fight with each other,
Most of the time we fight just to fight,
To seek victory, to conquer, to control,
In denial of mother nature’s powers,
Forgetting it’s important message,
Message of love, humility and humbleness,
It is only when mother nature strikes,
The fight for life is all is left to fight.


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