I find this word very beautiful and filled with some kind of power. I was watching a TV show and there was a mention from a TV actor “Something out there is paying attention and I talk to God pretend somebody’s listening. ” ( House , Season 3, Episode 20 ). Despite the fact I know this and since child hood I have been taught about submission to the higher power and firm believe in the power of prayers but there was something in these lines that served as a reminder for me.

What are prayers? or what is a prayer? Each and every one of us have their own meaning and understanding of prayers. But we all would agree that prayer is a form of talking to a God or for some might say a Higher Supreme Power. Which ever name one can use to say their prayers to doesn’t really matter. What matters is that beautiful, pure connection one establishes to express themselves, to seek, to question, and above all to talk to.

Every religion has their form of prayers. The purpose of this post is not to compare religions. The purpose of this post is to serve as a reminder for all those who want to gain their perspectives back in life and are seeking for that resilience bounce to push them back up.

Prayers is a form of talking to God. Prayers holds immense powers. Prayers requires belief. Belief that their is an existence of a Higher Supreme Power watching down on man kind. To connect to that Higher Supreme, one must belief with all they got and one must give with all that God.

We often tell our friends, family members, and at times to strangers we probably would have met when they are walking their dog that they will be in our thoughts and in our prayers. We listen to people who are in pain or worried and give them the assurance that we will pray for them. When the night is too dark and we miss those we have lost, broken friendships, lost love, when we are facing with anxiety and confusion, sick or at unease we hold our hands high , bow our heads down and we formulate all the words we know the meanings of to that Higher Power in the hopes that they will get heard.

Saying a prayer gives hope. Telling someone you will pray for them for whatever challenges they are facing gives them hope. Praying for someone you know or even praying for some one and them not knowing both have immense power on that individual and also on oneself. Prayers are connected. Prayers travels high up beyond human imagination and creates ripples in the universe for man kind to even understand. According to scientific explanation, prayers creates vibrations. How those vibrations create affect in ones life is a vast topic in itself. Prayers creates miracles.

Prayers are not only said at time of distress. Prayers also exist and many times are also said to express gratitude to the Higher Supreme Power. Paying gratitude is the utmost form of prayer that has miraculous affects on mind and body.

One must always make sure to keep praying when ever and where ever they can. Pray for yourself and pray for others who are close to us, who knows us with them knowing or not even knowing can create positive affects in their life and believe me in the life of one who is saying the prayers.

Views Presented and Written by Noor Reflection

Author of a Poetry Book A Purple Handbag and The Rising