Earth shivered at every drop of blood shed unjustly,

Sky cried over barbaric killings of one human by another,

Animals quivered with another genocide of history.

Humanity was mutilated for no reason at all.

Noor Reflection


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Eid….. a blessed day,
Laughter and smile on each face,
Boys, girls, men, women and all,
Dressed up with sparkling eyes,
Celebrating eid with hopeful hearts,
Yet not forget those who are in need,
Remember them always in your heart,
Help them as much as you can,
As this is what eid is all about.

N. Reflection

Road of life

Life is like a long, stretched out road,

Bumpy at times yet smooth otherwise,

No one can predict what is around the corner,

Nor they can tell when the road ends.

The direction is one but journeys many,

Each has its own sail to carry.

Keep moving, progressing forward,

With eyes on the horizon and hope in heart,

The quest is adventurous yet peaceful at times,

Rest assure that destination will soon arrive.


N. Reflection

Unfulfilled wishes

In memory of all the victims of terrorist attacks around the world.
Beautiful faces, innocent hearts,
Eyes full of hopes and dreams,
Precious lives destroyed unjustly,
with cruel intentions and actions,
Blood spilled mercilessly,
and fear instilled for wrong reasons,
The whole universe cried,
at each soul that departed with unfulfilled wishes,
being the victims of hate,
Which is an ultimate crime,
That nature never allowed and created.

Noor Reflection

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