An appeal for a Rohingya boy treatment

Today I am writing this blog post for my Word Press community to bring their attention to a six-year-old Rohingya boy Omar Faisal who has a condition called Hydrocephalus. Up until a few months ago, I myself was not aware of this condition. According to, Hydrocephalus is sometimes called “water on the brain.” The word “hydrocephalus” in Greek means “watery head.” This condition could be a birth defect or at times genetic. If diagnosed at very early stage it is curable but at a later stage the complications gets higher.

Omar Faisal is a young and brave Rohingya boy who has this condition from birth. His parents lived in Myanmar and there was no medical help for him over there. When he was one year old, his parents took him to Bangladesh but the cost of the treatment was too high and hence this kid went untreated.

#Hands4Rohingya ( is actively raising money to help this little boy get the treatment he deserves. They are still short on some funds. The team overseeing this project has put together an appeal to gather funds and to raise awareness around this great humanitarian cost.

I would like to help Hand4Rohingya team to gather the funds needed to help this Rohingya child. I strongly believe that every child should have the opportunity to play freely and live a fulfilling life. I also believe that we can come together as a humanity and make this world a better place one-step at a time. Each action starts with one-step and I believe that language of love lasts forever.

Please click on the link below and donate towards this worthy cause. Even a small donation will help this child tremendously.

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