How can I help?

I decided to do this blog post as I get asked how can one help in supporting a humanitarian cause be it helping Rohingya Refugees, victims of terrorists attacks, natural disaster, violence, health matters, importance of education, or any number of other issues that are happening around the globe. I myself used to struggle around thinking of ways of giving my best back to humanity. However, we all have limitations. Our limitations are around unable to travel to those parts of the world and physically helping those who are in great need of financial and medical aid. This does not mean that we should get disheartened and give up.  Take some time and read the following steps one can take and make a difference around the world even from their electronic devices. Always remember change is a constant process and does not happen overnight. One single step, even a thought of making a difference around the globe and reaching out starts the cycle of change and creates vibrations in the universe that overtime reaches out and affects everyone.

  1. Do your research by following and reading about various humanitarian projects, NGOs, Local Charities, Global Charities, Activists of peace promotion. Your research should include becoming aware of their global agenda, their mission, values and how do they acquire and spend funds.
  2. Make sure that the charity you wanted to support is a registered charity and abide by their countries rules and regulations.
  3. Your research should also include getting to know their partners and how they operate.
  4. Write to them and find out how you can contribute and volunteer. Most NGOs and charities are running programs, which they need help create awareness, raise donations, and assist them in setting up charitable events, creating posters, sometimes even picking up the phone and making a call to reach out to the public.
  5. Connect with their volunteer program, start by getting yourself registered, and complete the screening.
  6. If you have a social media account, actively promote their campaign by writing about it, retweeting their tweets, liking and sharing their posts on your timeline.
  7. Participate and do active networking among other volunteers.
  8. If you have your own blog, you can create a section on your blog to highlight important missions, raise awareness around their event or donation campaign.
  9. Find a local shelter or a food bank who in certain months connect with Global charities to raise funds, medical aid supplies, perishable items, household items from blankets to coats to get donated to under privileged countries.
  10. Motivate a family member or a friend and bring them along to the food drives. More hands – better results.
  11. Start your tag and contribute to it. Tags helps in long run to consolidate information on the net. Share and promote your tag for others to do the same.
  12. Talk to your doctor or specialist and inquire about if they are working on any WHO initiatives make yourself available to them if they need volunteers to organize a walk and create awareness.
  13. If you spot a young kid selling boxes of cookies other items to raise funds for local charities, support them if you can.
  14. If you have a special talent in writing, painting other forms on art, create awareness with your words and arts.
  15. Above all, take pride in what you do and remember one man has a power to make a change.


This blog post is evergreen and I will be adding more ways one can use towards helping humanity. Please do add your comments or thoughts, as it will help others to find their path.


Noor Reflection