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I am creating this blog post today to bring maximum awareness to the crisis, challenges, hardships faced by Rohingya Refugees. We must never forget the greatest tragedy of all time that happened in the face of Tula Toli Massacre where thousands and thousands innocent lives were mutilated in the name of heinous crime known as ethnic cleansing. No words can ever describe the pain and suffering of Rohingya Refugees. Today they need our support in any shape and form from all around the world. We should come forward as a humanity and embrace this most persecuted nation of the world. They deserve to have their human rights and a secure place to which they can call home.

Today many NGOs are coming forward and are providing initiatives for Rohingya Refugees to restore their lives. One such UK based organization is called Hands4Rohingya that have undertaken and worked very closely with Rohingya Refugees in the camps.

Testimony Tailors is a sewing cooperation, which is one of the many projects overseen and run by Hands4Rohingya charity organization. Rohingya Refugees who have been survivors of rape and genocide run Testimony Tailors. These courageous women are trying their best to create cycle of work by sewing clothes for kids and women and giving them as a gift to another Rohingya refugee in the camp.

This is my second blog post that I wanted to do to once again create awareness around this humanitarian project. We all can play our part of spreading the word about Testimony Tailors by re-blogging this blog post, so Testimony Tailors can get maximum exposure on social media. Even one donation towards the gift item will help them tremendously. Change does not happen overnight. It is a constant process and a struggle. Most of us have the gift of writing. Today we can show the world the power of pen and contribute towards greater good.

I am providing the links below for Testimony Tailors. Please click on the link and read the “About” session to gain more awareness and details about the project. There is also a short documentary video made by Shafiur Rahman in the “About” session that shows horrific stories of these survivors.

I would strongly encourage and request my followers, fellow bloggers to please re-blog this appeal on their websites for even a day to create awareness. I would request my readers to share this post on their Facebook to bring attention towards the most persecuted people of the world.

Links for Testimony Tailors:

Blog Post written by Noor Reflection with permission from Jamila Hanan.

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