Testimony Tailors

Around the globe, March 8 is marked as International Woman’s Day. Each year on this day women are given tribute for their accomplishments, hardships, and struggles. History is full of stories where women have worked hard to establish and embark their own self-identity. In today’s time Testimony Tailors is a name that is one of an emerging examples that shows such strength and courage of Rohingya Refugees woman who have been the victim of genocide.

Tula Toli massacre in Myanmar is one shameful truth of today’s time that happened to Rohingya people. The Rohingya people are the ethnic minority group that mostly resides in the northern region of Myanmar called Rakhine State. They are Muslims and are the most persecuted minorities of the world. The Tula Toli massacre was the mass killing of Rohingya people that took place under the Myanmar military clearance operation destroying the whole village and brutally killing men, women and children.

I learned about the works of Testimony Tailors through my twitter feed. I was deeply moved by the bravery of these women who do not want to give up, and wants to rebuild their lives. Even with very limited resources, they supported each other in Bangladesh camps and taught one another how to use a sewing machine.

Please click on the link below to gain awareness around Testimony Tailors and to learn how these women are surviving in difficult times. Today they need our help, support in any shape and form. They are part of us. There should be no us and them. We need to support them for ourselves, for our children and for generations to come. Human beings deserve to dream and to prosper and no one should ever take this away from them.


Today I stand with Rohingya because I am Rohingya.




Post written by: Noor Reflection

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