I asked for help
He gave me strength to help others
I asked for guidance
He gave me prayers to light my path
I asked for peace
He gave me His words to find answers
I asked for justice
He gave me patience to place my trust in Him
I asked for happiness
He gave me a heart to be able to forgive others.
Written by: Noor Reflection

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Sad eyes – shivering body
Little fists – bare feet
Empty bellies – dry lips
Lost parents – no country
Scary nights – long days
Broken toys – no books
Questions many – answers none
I yet still keep my head high
For the world to see
I am a survivor – I am Rohingya

Noor Reflection

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Poetry is a language of universe
above hate
Poetry stays alive even long after we are gone
Poetry is cherished by each generation
Write poetry and write more
To heal oneself and others

Noor Reflection

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