I am not perfect nor am I wisest of the wise
I have flaws yet far too many at times
I loose my cool and get out of control
where I spin my world far too much with my ego on the go

I sit in quiet to remember my memories
beautiful ones yet not forgetting the painful ones either
I dwell over on things I do wrong
which at times I find it hard to let go and to calm myself down
I dislike when I see those around the ones I like
for its hard for me to tolerate the feelings that uprise
I get upset on things not my way
and then I try to run away
This is not at all who you think I may be
for these doesnot define me
I accept and acknowledge all my flaws
they make me beautiful
for my heart stays purest of all

I see myself of how it maybe
yet I am willing to learn and to change
Each sunrise brings me an option
and I choose to grow with a sense of kindness
to rise above
far above to see myself thrive

Written by Noor Reflection
Author of a poetry book A Purple Handbag and The Rising