Above the ground

Above the ground far above the land we ought to miss those who yet still exist awaiting for us to gesture to them
we get busy and occupied yet too much to keep them waiting
we choose us over everything else or everything else gets to us this much
we get buried under the impression of getting things done always all the time and on time
yet someone somewhere still await for us watching the clock or calendar to mark the date off
thinking and calculating our so called presented schedule to them
life goes on far too fast for us to catch up
then we lose them once and forever and bury them under the ground
we stand still in silence looking at the bare ground
and at times bring flowers to decorate some of the silence around
we pray hard in our hearts for blessing them to the highest ranks
and yet still we get busy with ourselves over and over again
we look at their pictures and speak of the memories shared
and we make time then to make it all clear
yet we still forget those on ground waiting from us to hear
some words and phrases of hello and hi at odd times every time or sometime
its all in our hand yet our heart drifts away
let’s promise to ourselves to cherish those who matters to us for each time they are
above the ground

Written by Noor Reflection
Author of a poetry book A Purple Handbag and The Rising