A prayer

My lord pull me up as I am stuck,

my judgement is foggy and thoughts many,

with too much pain in my heart.

Give me strength to face the world,

show me how to understand and to accept.

I feel week, sad and down,

tears can’t stop rolling from my eyes,

Guide me through this time.

as I need you more than ever before.

You are my only hope and I know you love me, 

World is too much for me right now,

Give me the answers to my questions,

Help me put the smile back on my face. 

Noor Reflection



Meet the person behind Reflections in a teacup

Noor Reflection is a freelance blogger who contributes to her blog in variety of topics from self-help tips to recipes, to time management tips, poetry, book reviews, and other creative material. She is an emerging poet who writes both in Urdu and in English. She chooses to write under a pseudonym in order to protect her privacy. Noor Reflection was born in Malaysia. She spent her early childhood in Middle East and later moved to Canada with her family. She completed her secondary and post-secondary education from Toronto, Ontario.  By profession Noor Reflection is an Information Technology Analyst. Not too long ago Noor realized her passion for writing that encouraged her to blog her ideas, and thoughts. She contributes to her personal blog actively and share her thoughts on twitter as well. Her blog http://www.reflectionsinateacup.com is followed by over 100 followers. Noor is also working on launching her first poetry book.

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From last few days I have been reflecting upon this word “Success”.  I guess my anxiety flared up with a fast approaching change in my work place and new job positions opening up with tough criteria and assessment exams involved.  It will be total wrong of me to not accept that yes I got nervous, anxious of losing out.

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