Unfulfilled wishes

In memory of all the victims of terrorist attacks around the world.
Beautiful faces, innocent hearts,
Eyes full of hopes and dreams,
Precious lives destroyed unjustly,
with cruel intentions and actions,
Blood spilled mercilessly,
and fear instilled for wrong reasons,
The whole universe cried,
at each soul that departed with unfulfilled wishes,
being the victims of hate,
Which is an ultimate crime,
That nature never allowed and created.


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Mother Earth

Walking on a green field,

with soft, velvety grass,

still wet from morning dew,

birds chirping in a distance,

and tress rustling with leaves flowing,

Breathing fresh, crisp air,

and absorbing warmth of the sun,

I can feel the nature playing it’s role,

for everyone seemed happy and calm,

contented to be here,

nurturing mother earth,

and moving on.


Sitting on my prayer mat
With my head bowed down.
Eyes closed and hands in a fold.
I connected with my creator
And pour myself out.
Attaining internal bliss with peaceful heart.
Knowing that I have been heard,
And now he will take care of the rest.


Childhood memories,
the most precious, rare and pure.
Like rain drops in sea shell.
Yet to become beautiful pearls
To be cherished, remembered and adored.
Making us smile throughout and always.

Childhood scars on mind,
the most deepest, darkest and cold.
Never to heal or to be forgotten,
Haunting at times throughout the life.
Can’t run from them, can’t change them.
Like a shadow on a darkest night.

Good or bad, pure or evil, happy or sad,
are all the life experiences one can have.
Unique in itself, can’t be substituted,
Like the waves in the ocean, big or small,
Helping us learn, grow, cherish and to move on.

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