In the midst of night
When it gets quiet
And I can hear silence around me
When the stars covers the sky
And moon is bright up high
When the world sleeps
And I am still awake far from dreams
I at times drift away in the past
When I trusted you and called you my friend
For that fitted you the best
But how I was proved wrong
And was left sad but I stayed strong
Friendship is a gift from Him, to cherish and to bond
I no longer call upon you as my friend
Nor have I forgotten your betrayal
Yet my heart is still at peace
And does not skip a single beat
With all this He held me up when I was let down
Showed me the path for which I am very happy now
Friendship is a precious bond
And I have found it in Him indeed.

Noor Reflection
Author of a poetry book
A Purple Handbag