Earth shivered at every drop of blood shed unjustly,

Sky cried over barbaric killings of one human by another,

Animals quivered with another genocide of history.

Humanity was mutilated for no reason at all.

Noor Reflection




The truth of darkness

One dark night I drifted away in woods.
Searching for answers to many questions
I believe one should.

Then I came inside a dark tunnel,
With darkness everywhere and no where to go.

I heard a voice in there from somewhere.
I asked the voice to help me where to go.

The voice then said to me,
Follow your heart as darkness is just an illusion.

Have hope as hope shreds the fear away.
Speak the truth as truth casts courage.

Above all never give up trying,
As great rewards always come in due time.
These are the ultimate answers of all the questions that nature holds.

Noor Reflection


5 fingers

Starring at steam coming out of my hot tea in front of me in my favorite tea mug, one thought after another came in my mind and then faded away just like hot steam from my tea started to settle down. 

I then looked at the title I gave to my article – “5 fingers”. Instantly my mind started to reel at various incidents around the globe among various communities, religions, race, and countries. Of course media plays a very powerful role in delivering these incidents to us. However, sometimes creating a positive influence on others yet at times fueling up negative thoughts and emotions among individuals of all age groups. Whatever, the impression might be given by media, the outcome sometimes fades away instantly and sometimes it lasts forever. 

5 fingers? What does it symbolizes? The answer to this question is very simple. The way our 5 fingers are not same and equal, similarly no two individuals are alike. Since no two individuals are alike, one cannot be punished because of actions of the other. 

When we are able to understand this symbolism that is created by nature, it is very easy to detach oneself from the negativity of racism, by looking at the incidents that are happening around the globe among people of different religions and communities.

In today’s world where social media plays a vital role, sharing negative contents even for having few laughs is a crime in itself. One must not underestimate the degree of this crime because the effects of sharing negative content that promotes hate and triggers violence among people of different religion is a biggest threat to the whole mankind and the damage is irreversible.  

At the end of the day, one must realize that life is a precious gift of nature. Each and every individual around the globe cherishes life in their own unique way and pay gratitude to nature in their own form of worship. There is absolutely no harm in sharing best practices and understandings of the way one expresses gratitude to nature with each other. However, the intention should always be to promote peace, preserve life and nurture humanity.