Book review – Far Away Friends

Far Away Friends

Written By Baljit Ghuman.

Books cast a mystic spell over me that is hard to explain at times. For me buying a book, reading a book even holding a book in my hands drifts me away for few minutes and serves to be very relaxing.

I recently got a beautiful book on poetry called Far Away Friends written by Baljit Ghuman. As always I like to hold the book in my hands and feel the cover, the pages, the texture, the print, the weight. I must say I was thrilled to hold this book in my hands. What caught my eyes and attention was the title “Far Away Friends” printed on red background with white font. After the title there is a total white space followed by the author’s name again on the red background with white font. For some of us, this would be just a matter of picking up a simple design but for me it held more meaning than just a design layout. It gave me a hint of some one remembering their friends, memories associated with them from the realm of their thoughts, searching in the deep corners of their brain thus the white space signified ¬†the quietness and stillness to get those memories out to share with the world.

The cover was inspiring enough for me to read the book, so I made a cup of tea this time not coffee and started to read it on my comfy couch. ūüôā I must say I was right about my predictions earlier. Each and every poem in the book was very relate-able with one’s life personal experience. What inspired me to keep on reading without lifting my mug of tea, was the layout of the poem on each page. The poems, thoughts and words are organized in a unique but very interesting, searchable way I must say, that tempts the reader to keep reading, searching, and relating to themselves. After some poems, there is a white page that I say is added for a reason – to self reflect, to remember, to take a break, to breathe and then to move on.

I thought of adding my personal favorite poem and inspiring words but I couldn’t narrow it down to just one poem or saying. The whole book and all the words are inspiring thus eliminating the need to pin point to just one personal favorite.

I can strongly recommend this beautiful, enlightening, inspiring collection of poetry around friendship, love, loss, freedom, wisdom, nature, divine light to my friends and followers and I can certainly see myself going back to this book for inspirational thoughts, motivation and courage later in coming years.

For all my followers who are also interested in exploring this book. It can be found easily at Amazon.

Far Away Friends by Baljit Ghuman via @amazon

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A purple hand bag

I glanced at my purple hand bag

hanging over the hook.

In a corner of a room,

With sunlight coming on it. 

I felt happy and connected.

 I then glanced at the window,

I saw kids playing in the street with

faces filled with energy and glow.

I felt at peace.

But then I looked at my TV set,

Watched the news that was on.

I happened to see a same purple hand bag

Held tightly by a little boy

 all covered in dirt.

His eyes full of fear,

and lips trembling with pain.

He stood in a corner with a purple hand bag.

Hoping his mom will see her bag from a distance

And will come and rescue him.

Will take him home where no

sign of fear, hate and war will exist.

I again looked at my purple hand bag

and tears rolled down from my eyes.



Children of the war

Children of the war

Hiding myself behind a tree
With tears in my eyes,
Dust on my face,
Slippers in my feet,
And veil on my head.

I look at the smoke clouds
That are rising in a distance.
The voices of bullets in air,
Fire and fumes everywhere.

I, along with my friends walk slowly
Holding each other hand.
Hoping not to get hurt
So we all can go to our school
Where still the lesson of
Peace, hope and love is taught.