Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

Juggling through my busy schedule and trying to complete my long to do list, on one rainy Saturday evening I finally managed to arrange time with my family to watch new Marvel movie “Thor Ragnarok”.

Browsing through showtimes, I realized that the movie was of 2 hours and 10 minutes duration.  Silently hoping in my heart that the little minds don’t get restless with this length of time in a movie theater, I bought tickets for the evening show. I was told that it is a very popular movie and to get the best seats in the theater we should arrive 40 minutes early. Well, I followed what I was told and to my surprise when we got to the theater after checking in, half of the best seats were already taken. We still managed to get our desired middle seats, in middle row. Settling down with large mouth-watering Pop corns bag and a large cold drink, we all excitedly waited for the movie to start. Finally the movie started with Thor on the screen.

From the beginning till the end Thor Ragnarok was full of excitement, adventure and action. At first what seems like a long movie turned out to be extremely exciting and held audience interest till the very end and even after when the movie ended.

The contest between Hulk and Thor was one of my favorite part among the many other fights in the movie. Cate Blanchett as Hela performed and looked amazing. For once I actually liked Loki despite his witty ways, he proved himself useful at times with his humor and predictability . The movie was made in such a way that if one has never watched any Marvel movies before and have no idea about Marvel characters, they will grasp and understand the full story as well. The language was easy to follow and the flash back to some of the past events connected the story well in audience’s mind.

I would definitely buy an original DVD when it will release for this movie to be watched again and again. Definite 5 stars to story, screen play, graphics, sound effects, costume designing and to the entire cast on the screen and behind the camera.The movie has two interesting scenes that appears after the titles. So make sure to stay till the very end of the movie. 🙂

Independent review by N. Reflection