Ideas for loot bags or party favors

Have you every found yourself wondering or browsing the web for loot bag ideas for kid’s party or play dates? Below I have compiled a list of easy yet effective loot bag suggestions liked by parents and kids of age between 4 and 12.

  1. Colorful pencil cases with stationary, sticker chart, scented highlighters, pencil crayons.
  2. Set of Coloring and drawing books with pencil crayons.
  3. Individual colored play dough tubs with modeling accessories.
  4. Single or double pack of hot wheel cars. (suitable for young boys)
  5. School friendly water bottles with healthy snack bar in each bottle.
  6. Individually wrapped beach buckets with water guns.

These are some of my personal loot bag or party favor ideas suitable for both the genders, cost effective and easy to find in your local dollar store. Please feel free to share some of your ides and suggestions in the comment box below.

Happy loot bagging.


N. Reflection