Support for Rohingya Refugees

While it is snowing heavily outside and the School Board has announced school closures early morning, I am sitting comfortably with a cup of tea scrolling through my twitter tweets. I once again came across an appeal from Jamila Hanan and Hands 4 Rohingya related to donation and support needed for various projects that are currently underway to help Rohingya Refugees to restore their lives. I have been supporting them in various ways throughout in this great cause however; there is always this desire in me to use my writing skills to create awareness around Rohingya Refugees hardships and struggles. We as a human being owe this to each other. I salute all those who are dedicated to make a change in Rohingya Refugees lives in this time of crisis. I would like to provide some links below for an organization that are committed to provide help to the survivors of the Tula Toli massacre:


Hands 4 Rohingya – A project of HANDS International, a UK registered charity no. 1156471.

Testimony Tailors – Helping Rohingya Women who are victims of rape and massacre to restore their lives.

School for Rohingya


Any support in the form of donation, even re-posting this blog post on your site will make a difference in the lives of many and for their generations to come. They are human beings and they deserve to have a decent life away from barbaric killings, humiliation,



Noor Reflection



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