Book Review: Christina’s Ghost By Betty Ren Wright

Book Review: Christina’s Ghost by Betty Ren Wright

To me books are magical. They have the power to lift you up, take you to many exciting journeys, faraway lands, different worlds, and then bring you back with changed vision and new ideas.I like to read. For some of us reading means reading books only. To me reading is everything from cereal box label to twitter posts to online articles even road signs.A while back, I spotted a book with crumpled, torn covers, yellow crispy pages very loosely bound. The title attracted me “Christina’s Ghost” and I was compelled to read it. The book was written for young readers but hey reading is reading and so I read it.The book is written in a simple yet descriptive way. The story revolves around two sisters who initially planned to visit and stay with their grandma while their parents were on a trip. Their excitement faded away when they found out that grandma is hospitalized and now they are forced to go separate ways with their uncle and aunt.Christina who is more of a tomboy is forced to live with her uncle Ralph while he house-sits for his friend. During her stay with her Uncle Ralph in a Victorian Mansion located by the lake, her curiosity takes her to solve a mystery around the big beautiful but gloomy house. A ten year old, finds herself a “project” to solve a mystery behind a little boy in a sailors shirt and why he is sad? The story takes a very interesting turn when a ghost of a little boy appears to Uncle Ralph. The story takes the readers to a journey where both Uncle Ralph and Christina solve the mystery by following the clues found in a old newspaper article yet also strengthening their own bond from being strangers to becoming friends.In this 105-page book, Betty Ren Wright keeps the readers engaged and on their toes from solving the mystery, and to hold their breath when the cold winds from the attic finds their way out and what happens next.A relaxing yet thrilling read for the whole family.Book Review written by Noor Reflection
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