In my opinion

“Real Estate”, “Buyer’s Market”, “Seller’s Market”, are some of the very few buzz words these days that are frequently used by experts, financial analysts, investors and other individuals in a variety of contexts. When these words are used their impact at times can be quite over whelming and confusing to home buyers and sellers.

Before I blog my views further, a simple question that comes in my mind is that what exactly the term “Real Estate” means? The dictionary definition of real estate is “property consisting of land or building”. The definition itself is quite simple however the concept and process of acquiring real estate is quite complex that requires skills and knowledge to get the right results.

To me the common reference of real estate these days points towards buying a house or acquiring a house or selling a house for any reason.

In today’s time there is added pressure from the society for home ownership. As a result of this expectation, almost everyone from young families, fresh graduates, single parents, middle-aged professionals to seniors find themselves under pressure of buying a house. At times working towards acquiring home ownership is very motivational, yet other times it creates anxiety and put individuals in a more stressful situation.

Triple Versatile Award

This is my very first award the joy of receiving it is beyond explanation and very encouraging at the same time. I would like to thank Ally L. Mare for their wonderful recognition. As per the guidelines of this award, please refer below to seven interesting facts about myself and my theme based account Coffee in Style. I definitely make time to read other bloggers inspiring and unique submissions and my nominations are below. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

Black, White or Grey

“Black, White or Grey” – is a very diverse topic of discussion with different conclusions drawn by each and every one. However, it is important to consider that how this phenomena fits itself in the form of a communication and dealing with people? It is an established fact that everyone has different personalities with different behavior traits. Some individuals seem themselves fit in the category of highly sensitive people, while other consider themselves as strong, stubborn and not easily affected by criticism or negativity around them.

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