In my opinion

“Real Estate”, “Buyer’s Market”, “Seller’s Market”, are some of the very few buzz words these days that are frequently used by experts, financial analysts, investors and other individuals in a variety of contexts. When these words are used their impact at times can be quite over whelming and confusing to home buyers and sellers.

Before I blog my views further, a simple question that comes in my mind is that what exactly the term “Real Estate” means? The dictionary definition of real estate is “property consisting of land or building”. The definition itself is quite simple however the concept and process of acquiring real estate is quite complex that requires skills and knowledge to get the right results.

To me the common reference of real estate these days points towards buying a house or acquiring a house or selling a house for any reason.

In today’s time there is added pressure from the society for home ownership. As a result of this expectation, almost everyone from young families, fresh graduates, single parents, middle-aged professionals to seniors find themselves under pressure of buying a house. At times working towards acquiring home ownership is very motivational, yet other times it creates anxiety and put individuals in a more stressful situation.

To simplify this complex and tedious process of buying or selling a house, one should seek help from a realtor. I sometimes feel that finding a right realtor is harder than finding a right soul mate. 🙂

What is a realtor? What is their role? How can they help me achieve my dream home? How should I find one? What should I ask them? So on and so forth. These are just some very basic questions to begin with.

To me in simple terms a realtor is a knowledgeable and professional person whom you are comfortable, trusting and developing a connection with to easily communicate your needs, wants and values in life in terms of acquiring, selling or changing a house. After this understanding, connection and trust has been established, the whole overwhelming process gets automatically broken down into simple steps that are then achievable.

After finding a right realtor the next step of the journey begins. At times this journey might be very small and one will find the right house that they can call home and visualize themselves in there. However, on the flip side the journey might take really long with bumpy roads and lots of changes made in the process until one finds that house in the market that they were in search of.

Whatever and however the process may be like, an honest and respectful relationship between a realtor and an individual must be maintained at all times. Both parties should keep a clear and open mind of learning from the experience and being sensitive to each other’s time.




Disclaimer: The above post is related to my personal experience with real estate and not an endorsement for any individual, company or industry.