One year anniversary!!

A few days ago I got a Happy 1st year achievement wishes from WordPress. It took me few seconds to absorb the fact that I have been blogging a year now. 

Reflecting back I realized how much I gained in this one year. With 66 wonderful followers, 49 posts, many views per post and two awards recognitions , I must admit the journey has been remarkable. 

To be honest, I underestimate the power of writing. In this past one year, I truly admit that writing for me has been truly very rewarding and mentally relaxing. 

I would definitely want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers for following my blog and making time to read my posts and liking them too. That little red dot on the bell in the top right corner serves as a great motivation to continue. 

Once again I am extremely happy to be part of a great WordPress blogging community.


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