Calling all poetry bloggers

For last couple of days I have been reading various poetry writing articles, do’s and dont’s of poetry writing, syllables, rhyming poems vs non rhyming poems and the list goes on. What I have been taught is that poetry has no dimension, there is no right or wrong in poetry, one should write poetry for themselves. Today I am calling all my fellow bloggers who share the same interest in poetry and writing as to what inspires them to write?

What steps they take if any when composing a poem?

Please take some time to leave a comment and engage yourself in an inspiring discussion. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other bloggers. Please make sure to leave your blog address as well in the comments section.

Looking forward for your comments

N. Reflection


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  1. I usually write my poems when I feel or inspired by something. Sometimes, the heavy feeling in the heart made me write but that is just the first step. The process is something like this.

    Feeling > Why > Subjects > Form > Words

    There are times when the poems are already in my head, they popped out just like that.

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