Book Review: You are awesome by Neil Pasricha

A few days ago I was gifted a book, “You are awesome by Neil Passricha”, and was requested that I have two weeks to read it and provide my feedback/review on it. I looked at the book and its beautiful orange color sleeve and did not really pay attention to what the book was about until later. In my winter break, after finishing two different genre books The Breakdown from B.A Paris and Walking Home by Eric Walters, I thought of starting this book next. Although I was not very much eager to read it as I thought it will be one of those books that have a huge buzz but they do not really makes sense or are hard to follow. I reminded myself of a YouTube video I once saw with a key message “give a new task your ten minutes and if you still can’t develop interest than put it aside”. I followed this advice and said to myself that I will give this book my first ten minutes, which I now look back, was the best decision. I can truly say this book is one of the best self-help inspirational books I have read so far. It is truly “awesome” for many reasons and one being that the secrets listed in this book are “doable” and very relate-able. I strongly think that this book found me in a right time and I am very thankful and extremely pleased to get this book. The book is written in simple, easy to follow English with just the right amount of words on each page that makes it easier to focus on the message. I love that the author takes time to list the secrets and add to the list after the end of each session thus helping the reader to remember them as they read the book. I have decided to keep this book close to me so I can refer back to the secrets to remind myself how to navigate life to its fullest.

A definite 5 star book and a must read.

Book review by Noor Reflection