Fears of the soul

Fears of the soul

Sliding up and down
the bumpy slide,

Going around and around and
touching all the sides

In total control of how to row
I can feel I am in control

I can take my fears now
Lift them up, slide them down
and around.


Snow, snow


Standing in my kitchen,
I look outside
in my backyard.

I see sky all white with
snow falling everywhere.

I stood quietly,
Watching every flake
that fell.

I felt peace
Knowing winter is here,
And soon the new year
Will begin.





The winds of fall,
have started to roll.

The air is brisk and
it’s getting cold.

Nature has started to
play it’s role.

I see children playing
out in a distance.

Faces full of life,
fun and laughter.

Rustling in the leaves
with full splendor.

Autumn is here
with all the wind, rain and cold.


A bug

A bug

A bug, a bug, a bug
full of life,
but as little as a tug.

Flying here, there, and everywhere
and then landing
under a rug.

It’s life simple yet,
full of mysteries,
and unknown quest.

A bug, a bug, a bug
working hard to stay alive,
and venture out as fast as,
it must.

Noor Reflection

Voice of a tree

Voice of a tree

I am a tree,
with all my beauty and spree.

Year after years,
Every generation has reap comfort
under me. 

Casting marks of love
and hatred on me. 

Time has elapsed in front of me,
with all its harshness,
that often rocked me.

I yet still stand tall and still,
providing comfort to those,
who still needs me. 

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