From many months a word “Inclusive” is circling in my mind and every now and then I get the urge to find out and explore what it truly means. It is one of the buzz words these days and is used in the mission statement of almost every educational institutes, charitable organizations and many workplaces including Government organizations. 

What is “Inclusiveness” or “being inclusive”? I have been exploring many definitions of this one word and yet today I want to write what it truly means to me. 

According to a dictionary definition, Inclusiveness or being inclusive means “including a great deal, or encompassing everything concerned or embracing”.  ( › dictionary › inclusive)

In terms of business sense inclusive means to include everything in a price or a contract and or a deal. 

To me, being inclusive is a about having a growth mindset to embrace, respect and accept each and every human being as they are. Being inclusive is about respecting personal differences. It is about giving a sense of belonging to the other individual regardless of which group, community, religion they are from.

In many educational institutes these days, children with disability, autism and/ or other learning challenges are supported to be inclusive. Similarly, in many offices being inclusive represents accepting individuals as a whole with all their short comings yet providing them equal opportunity to apply to many jobs, and providing them options to maintain a work life balance.

To me being inclusive goes beyond just acceptance. It also means to make another individual feel welcome in a given situation or an environment. From a child with autism, to a co-worker in an office being inclusive adheres to having such a non-verbal behaviour that the other individual feels included and respected.  

Post written by Noor Reflection

#autism #inclusiveness #behaviour