A letter to Samantha

Dear Samantha,
How are you doing? I know this phrase sounds very regular but trust me if evaluated properly it holds immense value and importance in one’s life. I am not writing to you today just to find out how you are doing. I am writing today to let you know that I know how you are actually doing. Yes I do. Most of the time I am overlooked for what I have to offer. The truth is sometimes people have to tune in just little bit deeper within themselves and then they will be able to hear me out with all I have to offer and suggest. The key is to listen and to listen carefully without being too hard on yourself. Yes, it is true. Most of the time, each and every person I know goes really hard on themselves and that’s when I get crushed and ignored. You see human beings got this impression from somewhere that they are perfect. When the reality is opposite to that. Humans were not meant to be perfect. They were meant to search and thrive for best opportunities, learn from their failures and to move on. Many of them these days have forgot about this important lesson and yet that is the reason of them being depressed, sad at times. I am writing to you today to make sure you know that no matter what anyone tells you, you need to accept and understand that you are doing great. You have been very courageous and patient in life always and I am witness to that. You have come out of many storms and hurdles in a most dignified manner. You did not let the negative people around you take the beauty of your smile away nor did you allow them to shake your beliefs. You always guarded your honor in a most prestigious way and protected your self-respect. Yet be assured that your inner beauty reflects from your eyes and the purity of your soul has enlighten and brighten lives of many around you. All I want to say to you today that you are doing great and will find ways on your own to do great in coming days. Keep doing what you are doing. Maintain your hope, your faith and above all be kind to yourself.
Love you always
Your intuition

Disclaimer: The name used in this letter is fictional and not intended or directed towards any person living or dead.


Post Written by Noor Reflection