How can I help?

I decided to do this blog post as I get asked how can one help in supporting a humanitarian cause be it helping Rohingya Refugees, victims of terrorists attacks, natural disaster, violence, health matters, importance of education, or any number of other issues that are happening around the globe. I myself used to struggle around thinking of ways of giving my best back to humanity. However, we all have limitations. Our limitations are around unable to travel to those parts of the world and physically helping those who are in great need of financial and medical aid. This does not mean that we should get disheartened and give up.  Take some time and read the following steps one can take and make a difference around the world even from their electronic devices. Always remember change is a constant process and does not happen overnight. One single step, even a thought of making a difference around the globe and reaching out starts the cycle of change and creates vibrations in the universe that overtime reaches out and affects everyone.

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Poetry is a language of universe
above hate
Poetry stays alive even long after we are gone
Poetry is cherished by each generation
Write poetry and write more
To heal oneself and others

Noor Reflection

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An ability to stand up for oneself is beauty
The courage to say no to bullying is beauty
The strength to address what is wrong is beauty
To practice self development is beauty
To challenge oneself is beauty
Beauty lies within each one of us
and that is the beauty of a beauty

Noor Reflection

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In the midst of events
When judgment is foggy
And pain unbearable
When night seems longer
And days are unhappy
I want to quit, run and hide
Letting my fears to win over me
But then I hear this voice
Gearing me in the direction I missed
Reminding me of my inner powers
Lifting my soul, bringing out my strength
To be a healer, a fighter, a hero
I bow my head in silence
To thank Him for not letting me give up.

Noor Reflection

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