Ever wondered to yourself what exactly the word “intimacy” means? The dictionary meaning of intimacy is closeness. However, in today’s world this word is mostly used in expressing feelings towards another person in a sexual way thus re-defining and narrowing down its scope. 

Just like evolution, intimacy has revolved itself according to the modern era, but the underlying essence and phenomenon is always the same which means – CLOSENESS. 

Closeness is often looked upon and measured at physical level among individuals. However, closeness is not limited to physical level only. Getting close on a physical level is just one aspect of expressing emotions and feelings towards another individual.

Many will agree that closeness among individuals exists at psychological and mental level which however, is overlooked at times.

It won’t be entirely wrong to say that intimacy is a form of closeness either at physical, emotional, or mental level that promotes deep sense of caring, protecting and looking out for each other. Said that little acts of kindness, positive talk, uplifting and reaching out for each other all comes under a big umbrella of intimacy.

However, having a strong bond of trust and acceptance among individuals is one of the most important and underlying key factor in developing, maintaining and upholding the feeling of intimacy. The following quote truly expresses the key-point of this post.

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